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Guitar Lessons

Professional Lessons for Electric and Acoustic guitar


Playing the songs of your favourite bands, fully understanding how to play and use chords, being able to improvise blues and jazz, writing your own music,....

There are almost unlimited things to learn on the guitar and at the end of the day it just comes down to one thing: being creative and having fun!

I teach electric guitar as well as acoustic guitar to beginners and intermeditate players.

The key focus iof my lessons is to not only show you how to play the guitar effortlessly but also to give you a good understanding of music itself and therefore unleash you creative potential.

  • The lessons are aimed both at beginners and intermediate players. It doesnt matter if you just picked up the guitar or have been playing for many years and need new input in terms of technique, improisation or songwriting: I ll help you to reach your musical goals!
  • The lessons take place @ my home studio in the middle of Vienna (near Alserstraße) in a relaxed homely atmoshpere.
  • Plenty of guitars amps and cables re ready to use, so all you need to bring is yourself!  ;)
  • One lessons takes 60 minutes, of course your learning materials are included in the price

To give you a chance to see for yourself, the first lesson is a trial lesson free of charge. In this trial lesson I will also monitor your skill level and your musical goals in order to come up with a teaching plan tailormade for you.

If you want to take lessons together with a friend you can also book group lessons!


My guitar lessons cover:

Technique (Alternate Picking,Legato,Bending,Sweeping,tapping, pinch harmonics,Bottleneck,etc…)

Music Theory (Chords,Scales,Keys,Circle of Fifhts,Composition,etc...)

Rhythm (Rhythm Pyramid, Meters,Odd Meters,Polyrhythms, etc...)

Chords (Open Chords, Triads,7th Chords, creative voicings,inversions,…)

Scales (Pentatonik, Major/Minor,Modal, exotic scales, 3 Notes per string etc..)

Genres (Blues,Jazz,Rock,Metal,Reggae,Fingerstyle,World Music,Funk,Pop,etc…)



Guitar effects and amps (Fx Chains, creative use of Pedals, sounddesign etc)


To encourage your creativity, riffs,solos or even whole songs can be written & arranged in my home studio. Of course you can take everything you create here home with you!

 On request it is also possible to take some lessons in my rehearsal room where many guitar effects can be tried out in a "real live situation" so  you can hear what an electric guitar is really capable of ;)

Taking lessons with me will bring you many benefits:

  • U save money  by learning the guitar the right way from the start instead of spending countless hours of lessons on overcoming bad habits years later on
  • U save time by knowing how to practise guitar efficiently and being guided profesionally towards your musical goals.
  • U learn to actually understand what you are doing on your instrument instead of blindly copying tabs and sheets. This will enable you to independently develop your skills further when you dont take lessons anymore.
  • U  can record your ideas and jams in my studio, monitor your progress and take recordings of your playing home with you
  • U get lessons  thats re tailormade for your personal musical goals. It doesnt matter if you want to become a metal guitarist, be able to improvise jazz solos or want to play reggae guitar leads over backing tracks you produced yourself beforehands.
  • What counts is your vision!